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The Beer Guys have all the equipment and supplies needed to make your catered bar or party a memory to remember!  The Beer Guys are the best of the best in the Treasure Valley and we will always be dressed tip-top for  your occasion!  Whether it be a black-tie event or Beer Guy t-shirt function, we’re there!  

We have several completely self-contained mobile trucks and trailers outfitted with beer and wine taps on the side.  All we have to do is drive up, set the parking brake, get out the cups and glasses, and we are ready to pour!  

Are you ready to start planning your event?  Email to give us an idea of what you need and when we call you back we will be better prepared to answer your questions.   We look forward to working with you and making your special event the best!

-Special Events



 -Office Parties


-Keg Deliveries and Pick-up

 -Beer Baskets